Friday, April 6, 2012

Understanding without judgment

Today's cards: The Hierophant, the Four of Rods, The Lovers. Wow, if I weren't married, I'd be thinking someone is about to propose to me. :) Seriously, the Lovers is about partnership (and of course, sex and sexuality, but really more about partnership). Meet your partners halfway today. Celebrate with them. This doesn't have to be romantic partners, either. It can be work partners, organization partners, whatever. Today is a day to work in community. We can learn a lot from seeing other people's perspectives.

The Four of Rods is the wedding bower, sure, but it's also about leaving unhappiness behind and celebrating the now. These two cards together give us a unique opportunity to evolve into the next step. And they bring us to The Hierophant. This card speaks of the evolution of our systems of belief (oh and education, so if you're school, pay particularly close attention today. Something will happen that will crack your understanding wide open). Some shift takes place today that will have far-reaching consequences, for all of us. As we evolve into beings of more open-mindedness (some of us) and more closed-mindedness (others of us), a battle for our ability to think critically (and without judgment) will rage. Here's hoping we come out of it with better understanding for those both similar to us and different from us. I feel that understanding will be key to our very survival, someday.

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