Monday, July 23, 2012

Choices: On the Inside

This week's cards: Two of Pentacles (reversed), Seven of Cups (reversed), Two of Cups (reversed).

This is a sort of "duck and cover" week. It's not a week for risk-taking. It's not a week to try and juggle more than you realistically can juggle. My big advice: hunker down and wait it out except in your personal life. There, things will need to shift and you will need to be the one who shifts them.

The Two of Pentacles means the ability to tackle varied tasks and to do it well, but it comes with a price. Your emotional balance can go off-kilter. This week you will need to focus more on your emotional well-being than trying to meet deadlines. Put off the things that cause you a lot of stress so you can deal with some internal issues that come up this week. Balance will be restored but for now, you need to focus on your own stuff.

The Seven of Cups (reversed) means that things are funneling down into something manageable for you right now. You are no longer facing a ton of options. They are narrowing down for you so you can choose the one that is best for you. This isn't just a "which pair of pants do I purchase" set of decisions. It's more of a "which direction will my life go into" set of decision. Even if you don't take the big step this week, you will need to choose which way you want to go, internally. Choose well and wisely because how you move forward will dictate a major direction for you for the next few months and possibly even the next few years. Make sure you make the decision in time, though. You want to be the one who decides your own fate. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you.

The Two of Cups (reversed) talks about shifts and possibly endings, especially in the realm of the heart. Look inside yourself about your feelings. Search out your heart's desire. Are you ready to move on? To shift from your perch of dissatisfaction? If so, then grab it with both hands, give it a good shake, and make some hard choices. Once you make those choices, things will transform, but in the moment, it can be uncertain. Have courage. Sometimes, you need to give up what you hold in your hands in order to reap a much bigger reward later on.

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