Monday, July 2, 2012

Work, Live, and Choose for Abundance

This week's Tarot: Three of Pentacles, Five of Cups, Seven of Cups.

The week starts off with the business of doing business, if you see what I mean. The Three of Pentacles really asks us to dig deep and become fully involved with our work. Whether our work is that we decide the fates of nations, serve drinks, or change diapers, it's all important, and it's time to get busy. The physical aspects of our work will matter today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday). Take special care with what you are physically required to do. Be as present as possible in the actual completion of your tasks. Pay attention and you might catch something that would otherwise be a thorn in your side later. Catch it now and save yourself many headaches.

On Thursday or Friday, watch for a bit of a letdown. The only reason you will feel let down is because you aren't seeing the opportunity trying desperately to present itself to you. Look up. Look around. See what else is out there. If you are unsatisfied with your current circumstances, you can change them. There will be a choice to make in the next four days. It's a yes or no, right or wrong. Choose one path over the other kind of thing. Use your intuition. Follow your heart here, and it will lead you on the path less-traveled. I say that because the two chalices sitting behind us are seldom the ones we pay attention to. We tend to focus on what's in front of us, not what's hidden. This is a time to go inward and seek answers from your best guest. Your intuition will guide you. Let it.

By week's end, things are somewhat illuminated. The Seven of Cups is about options. Lots and lots and lots of options. Once of you've done the work of the beginning of the week, and made the choice that you needed to make in the middle of the week, you will now be presented with a buffet of possibilities. Again, listen to your heart. Remember to move toward your highest good, though. In the end, a lot of the hard lessons we learn, were ours to learn to begin with. We needed to learn what the journey could teach us. This is one of those times. While you're in the stew, as it were, it might feel like you're being challenged right and left. But, once you've met the challenges (and you will kick their butts, by the way) then abundance and a joyful heart will be yours for the taking.

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