Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's Tarot: Justice (Balance, Truth, Consequences)

Today's Tarot: Justice

(Balance, Truth, Consequences)

This can be a challenging card because it calls us out on our stuff. No one can lie to us like we can lie to ourselves. No one can rationalize for us like we can do to ourselves, and no one can take us for granted like we can allow to happen.

We lie to ourselves every time we say we're okay when we're not. Imagine if someone were to step on your toe, what would you say/do? Likely, you would say something like "Ow, that hurt." And what would they do? They would likely apologize. Now, imagine what happens when someone steps on your feelings. Do you ever just say, "Ow, that hurt?" Likely not. No, when someone hurts our feelings, we tend to suck it up and not express it. And that leaves everyone more in the dark. Here's the kicker: people will always hurt your feelings. We can't help it; it's how we're made. But, it's how we react when we do hurt them that is important. So, someone who hurts you and cares when you let them know, is someone to keep around. And someone hurts you and doesn't give a hoot is someone to give the boot. 

We rationalize to ourselves every time we promise, "I'll start doing this differently tomorrow." Now, the "this" can be eating better, exercising, writing, taking walks, stopping some negative behavior pattern, or starting a positive new one. As long as we put off what's good and correct for us, and we make internal excuses as to why we're putting it off, we are only kicking our own behinds. 

And last, every single time we allow ourselves to be taken for granted by something or someone external to us, we are selling ourselves short. Sure, it can be scary to stand up and fight for proper treatment, a raise, a job, a partner who supports you, and respect from those around you, but it is absolutely worth. If we swallow the fear, and do it anyway, we blaze a trail for ourselves to follow. And it is a fabulous and wonderful trail. Full of pitfalls? Yes. But the treasure of balance, stability, and self-respect at the end, is totally worth it.

Last but certainly not least, look for what will be the proper road for you, today. Walk the tightrope but use a balancing bar. And stay out of trouble with the law. No speeding, drugs, or driving after more than a beer. Or believe me, there will be serious consequences.

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