Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today's Tarot: The Moon (uncertainty, choices, intuition)

Today's Tarot: The Moon

(uncertainty, choices, intuition)

In our eyes, we have two viewfinders, as it were. They are the rods and the cones. Cones are shaped like prisms. We use the cones in our eyes to see colors and for daytime viewing. The rods, shaped, like long cylinders, are best used for night vision. 

And then we have twilight. Have you ever wondered why you have such trouble seeing in twilight (and why the DMV or the MVA say to be extra careful driving at twilight)? Well, it's because at that point, when it's still a little light (where there is still a bit of color) but mostly dark out (where most things become grays rather than colorful), neither the rods nor the cones can be used predominantly for seeing so instead of getting the best of both types, we get the best of neither. 

In that moment of twilight, things become uncertain and unclear. We have to trust that we are going in the right direction because our eyes become less reliable. 

Sometimes, we even have to imagine or remember what we believed was there in order to make it through whatever momentary or significant challenge we face.

The above epitomizes the Moon in the tarot deck. The Moon represents the fundamental uncertainty that comes with not having the evidence right in front of your eyes. If you don't know, you either have to find out, or you have to trust that your best guess will suffice.

Today, if you find yourself uncertain about what to do and what to choose, either remove the murky doubts or trust in your inner knowing, your intuition and take your very best guess.

The Moon isn't about clarity. It's about will o' the wisps at the dark of midnight. She shows shadows and misrepresents all manner of things. Perfectly innocent things can appear terrifying and frightful things can look completely benign.

Trust your inner eyes and you will make your choices and walk your proper path.

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