Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's Tarot: Ten of Rods (Struggle, Movement, Motion)

Today's Tarot: Ten of Rods (Struggle, Movement, Motion)

Have you ever felt like just packing up all your toys and going home? Sometimes, after struggling to make something work or to make your square peg fit into something else's round hole, or just to pretend long enough and hard enough that you actually care about the minutiae of whatever it is that you are supposed to be concentrating on when you all really want to do is go somewhere warm and wild and dance naked in the sunlight, you decide that you are just done.

When you are done, be done. If you just can't handle one more excruciating meeting or one more dish to wash, or one more paper to grade or one more note to take, and you need a mental health break, then go do that for yourself (it will all still be there when you come back, anyway). 

Take care of your need to take care of yourself. We spend a lot of our time fulfilling responsibilities for everyone and everything except that ones that our inner being really needs. Yes, we make money to pay bills. Yes, we study. Yes, we walk the dog. Yes, we sweep the floor or scrub the tub. We do all those when what we might really want to do has nothing whatsoever with obligations and much more with desires.

This card reminds me of a small scene from the movie "Never Been Kissed." In the movie, a reporter goes undercover at a high school to get the scoop on the teen experience. While at school, she is required to take gym. At one point, while running in gym class, she falls to the ground and gasps for breath. The gym teacher stands over her and yells at her that if she doesn't get up and finish her mile run, that she will fail gym and will therefore never get into a good college. She looks up at the teacher and pants, "Are you still telling them that crap?" (I am paraphrasing here, but you get my point.)

Now that Josie (the reporter) is out of high school and now that she has some perspective, what had seemed so daunting and crucial back in high school has lost most of its importance both to her status and to her life.

That is the way with most things. In the moment, they might make you crazed. But once you get some distance and perspective, you realize that they aren't that big a deal and you have a lot more freedom than you thought you did.

So, here's your mission. If you are done, be done. If you are ready to move, do so. If you want a change, make one. As long as you are willing to face whatever consequences  your actions create, I say go for it.

One last thing, if you've been thinking about moving (job, house, etc.) today is an excellent day to get that ball rolling.

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