Saturday, February 16, 2013

High/Low Tweet Values: what does that say about low-level tweeters?

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to step away from twitter and find some other method to disseminate information. The item that particularly tweaks me is that the tweets signified as "important" tweets will be ones that come from people like Justin Bieber. Nothing against him. I don't know him. I will never know him, but that's just the point. I would far prefer that my tweets be deemed algorithmically important to those who already follow me and not be overshadowed by those who are not in any of my spheres of connection or influence. 

On some level, if/when twitter implements this new algorithm, I will have even less connection with people who follow me than I already do. I already often feel like Twitter is so much shouting into the wind while standing haphazardly at the edge of a cliff. Perhaps my tweets aren't that interesting. Perhaps, few people read them because I tweet at less than ideal times. I don't know but I do know that the actual amount of interaction I have on twitter is greatly eclipsed by the amount I have on Facebook. I try. I try valiantly to tweet things that people might deem interesting or important enough to retweet, reply to, or engage with in some way. In my own internal metrics, I don't succeed and certainly I can do plenty to improve how and when I tweet. However, this new wrench into the works just makes me less willing to keep trying to break into this particular well-guarded castle. 

If I sound like I am whining, I am not. I am just concerned about my time expenditure. If I continue to spend time on Twitter retweeting other people's tweets, replying to them or otherwise indicating my engagement, and if I keep tweeting myself only to note that my tweets have low street value, then I must ask myself the question of whether or not it is worth to remain engaged in a social media paradigm that won't ever give me any of the connection I value.

Twitter Metadata Change: Tweets To Be Assigned 'High' Or 'Low' Value

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