Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's Tarot: Page of Rods (Being creative, daring, and spontaneous)

What are we waiting for? Let's get out there. Let's be creative. Let's joyfully live our truth. Let's manifest our vision of the world. Wait, what? We're too tired? We have to pay this month's bills? We have dishes in the sink? We have to walk the dog? We have to ... yeah.

In life, there is always a balancing act between what we want to do and what we have to do. And when we throw in what we need to do, why then we can get well and truly stuck. We might feel paralyzed by the "shoulds" in our lives. So, instead of living these fruitful, productive, creative, fulfilling lives, we get by on the promise that someday, we'll make time for the things we love to do.

Here's the problem with "someday." It's today. It's right this second. Every instant of our lives, we choose a should, a can, a want, a get to, or a must do. Each time we choose away from a can, a want, or a get to, we choose away from our true selves. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not at all intimating that we ought not take care of the day-to-day stuff of our lives. For most of us, that is the reality. We have to-do lists that would choke a dragon and we are always trying to catch up. Here's the thing, though. That list will still be there later if you decide to take a wee break and go do something that feeds your soul.

I think the problem is that we get so bogged down by the imminence of deadlines that we forget to release our anxiety about some of those deadlines every once in a while just so we can breathe, and perhaps run, and even play. And that's vital to our health, our balance, and I daresay our very lives.

The Page of Rods doesn't give a hoot about deadlines and must-dos. The Page of Rods joyfully shouts her truth out into the universe and then runs and plays on swingsets or whistles an old song she learned in fourth grade. She plays with words and life and worlds. She imagines and then she acts on these imaginings.

She is bold and fearless and creative. She dips her ladle into the silver waters of the River of All That Is (more on this later) and then drinks deeply from its creative, satiating waters. She learns from everything and then she acts on that new information fully and purposely.

So that's our mission for the day. Let's dip the ladles of our thoughts and actions into that creative, glorious river. Let's learn from that which connects each and every one of us. And then, let's extend ourselves and our truth in ever widening circles of creative joy. It won't be easy and might feel impossible, but even a tiny action taken from that place of spontaneous joy will have ripple effects on every other part of our lives.

Do one thing from that place today, and life will change. Dot an "i" with a smiley face like you did when you were a kid. Blow bubbles through your straw. Laugh with a stranger over something you both see. Give a random compliment. Buy a flower and hand it someone on the street. Or buy yourself one and enjoy it all day. Walk outside, turn your face to the sun, close your eyes, and breathe (even for just a minute). Do something that feeds your innermost being and then move forward with that part leading the way.

Oh and if you need to have a conversation with someone and you've been putting it off, today will be a fantastic day to do it.


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