Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's Tarot: Queen of Pentacles (creativity, productivity, peace, work)

Whenever I draw this card, it reminds me to enjoy the processes of my life. Sure, there are tons of things we all have to do. Often, the thought or even the stress of getting ready to do them makes them seem bigger, than they are. And when we actually bite the bullet and start, we get into the process and then the tough knots unravel before us as we get to it step-by-step.

The Queen of Pentacles is many things. She might be mother, wife, caretaker, provider, peaceful priestess, creative, producer, etc. I tend to think of her as a quiet buddha. She has no fanfare and she rarely gets accolades but she doesn't seem to need them as she quietly goes about her life, living and doing what needs doing.

She doesn't gripe and she doesn't whine. She just goes, step-by-step and does what needs to be done naturally. And, to make things more curious, she's just happy. She has found that peace and joy come from the simplest acts and she relishes every drop of that serenity as she moves through her life.

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote a book called, "Being Peace." To me, the Queen of Pentacles typifies that phrase. She doesn't have to do anything to attain peace. She simply is peace and whatever she does and whatever she produces and creates, she infuses that love of all into everything.

So today, I encourage you to enjoy and relish the processes of your world. If traffic kicks your butt (as it does mine), consciously look at the colors in the sky or enjoy whatever music is on the radio. Sing along, in different voices. Pretend you're Ethel Merman singing a Taylor Swift song. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face....

If you're doing paperwork try and stay conscious of the feel of the paper or the click of your fingers on the keys. Whatever it is that you need to do today, transform every step of it (even the yucky ones) into something you enjoy. Appreciate it for what it is, right now.  Be present. Be mindful. Be peace.

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