Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today's Tarot: Ten of Pentacles (family, legacy, tradition)

The Ten of Pentacles has an upside and a downside. The upside: if you come from a caring, nurturing loving family who left you a legacy of joy and peace, why then you're golden. If your family of origin was otherwise, you carry that legacy as well and you have a tougher road.

Now, most of us can say that we had some issues growing up. Few, if any, would say they had blissful childhoods where they felt loved, buoyed, and supported by those who responsible for them, all the time. We've all been let down by those who were supposed to be there to nurture and protect us. However, some have been let down much more than others. If you come from the former, how wonderful. Now, please take that wonderful history and the love and care you received and take it out into the world and share it with others. Others out there can benefit from the love you have to give. At its heart, the Ten of Pentacles is about care and nurturing those around us and giving and receiving love. It is also about safety, abundance, and protection. Those who feel safe, abundant and protected reflect those back out into the world and that is a real blessing.

If you come from the latter, or worse, do know that you have a much harder path through your life. It is important to note that the strength and light with which you face the world comes because of your strength of character and your dogged pursuit of your higher self despite what are probably some almost insurmountable obstacles.

Take time to credit yourself with how far you have come. That is important and is likely something to do every single day.

And then, develop/find/establish your own family, your own legacy, and your own traditions. Family of choice can be just as vital (if not more) than family of origin. And the peace, calm, and joy you get from and with them can be even more everlasting.

I keep returning to the thought that through our connection to all that is out there, the entire universe is our family. The protons, electrons, atoms, etc. that make up the stuff of stars aren't different than the ones that make up us. So, our family is vast, frenetic, universal. It might be hard to remember in the moment, but it is vital to keep in our consciousness as we move through our lives today and tomorrow.

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