Monday, May 6, 2013

Creativity vs administration: should you do the one or the other?

I had the most amazing time working on "Influenced," Discordian Film's entry to the DC 48 Hour Film Project. We had an fantastic team, a terrific cast and crew, and if I say so myself (since I wrote the actual screenplay after the story was developed by the entire cast and crew), a kick-ass movie to shoot.

But as I was working on the movie, I realized that there were a couple key points that were making it a helluva great time for me.

First, I got to write a script, from soup to nuts. Flexing my writing muscles always thrills, chills, and fulfills me. And it was shot as a film the very next day, so you know, instant gratification. (also awesome)

Second, I got to act in it and acting is one of the great loves of my life. I hardly ever get to do it anymore, but I got bitten by the acting bug back in tenth grade, and my fever for it has never died down. So, you know, it was a thrill to get to do that, too.

Third, we had an amazing crew of people dedicated to the logistics of making things happen. In my all-too-busy life, I was not. the. one. in. charge! What a treat! I got to be involved. I got to do creative things with a bunch of other creative people. I got to write (which I love) and I got to act (which, ditto). And I didn't lead anything. I wasn't responsible for the organizing (other than guiding the discussion on where the story was going to go), the administration, or the herding of any cats. Other, far more capable, people took that on and did a bang up job. And that left me free to do what I wanted to do and what I do pretty darn well - create.

That freedom, that knowing that other people had the admin stuff down and would take care of it, left me free to soar and create the best darn movie script I could make. It left me free to break out my old acting chops and take risks and that just rocked.

I am in a place right now where I am making some major decisions about how my life will progress in the next few years. And I'm realizing more and more that my creative aspect needs to be given a lot more freedom to breathe and to fly.

To that end, I'm making changes in my life. Starting in July, I'll have more time for creative pursuits. More on that later.

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