Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singing on Video: a moment captured can give us a lifetime of memories and joy.

Holy crap! I just found video that I thought I never had and it might make a huge difference in some people's lives. For a few years, I hosted a student open mic night at a local community college. And I recorded them so I'd have my own performances if I needed them. I also recorded the students (by default) but I would never release the video without permission. One month, I thought my camera wasn't working and so I didn't bother looking at any of the footage, which was a shame because that was the month the homeless man with the voice of an angel came by (it was awesome) and we ended up with a love-fest of all sorts of students and staff singing together.

It turned out that one of the students who performed that night died just a few weeks later. In July 2012, the student activities lead emailed me to ask if I had any video of that night because the student had sung. I checked and couldn't find any usable video and let Patricia know that. However, just now, I was deleting old video and I ran across this student singing, "I Will Always Love You," (with another student).

I had the video all along, and I'd had no idea. Almost a year later, I've just emailed the student activities person with the link to it.

Even though she died, tragically, her friends family will get this token of her singing the perfect song.

I'm weeping.

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