Thursday, November 28, 2013

Motion Chart (How Much I move, Day 2)

I've completed two days of my experiment in how much I move. Yesterday proved to be a more active day than day one. I was in motion more than I was sedentary. I cleaned, shopped, walked, hiked, exercised and generally moved more than I sat at the computer, wrote, or watched tv. I'd like to watch less tv, but I must say that during the long night/short day portion of the year, I tend to have little energy left for anything after the sun sets.

Plus, it's been cold and rainy here so that never helps. When I add in my hypothyroidism, it doesn't surprise me that I lack energy. However, there are still other things I can be doing with my time and I will think on how to be more active and less lump-on-a-couch. 

I did use some of my sitting time to complete a craft project (a new silk bag and cloth for my new tarot deck) so that helps me feel like I wasn't just sitting.

I also added in a category that's a bit of a catch-all. It's the Miscellaneous Motion category. Sometimes, the alarm rings when I am walking down the stairs or going to the sink to get a glass a water. I'm not spending the entire 20 minutes doing that motion, but I decided that one of the parameters of the experiment will be that I won't fudge the data. I'll mark exactly what I'm doing at the moment I'm doing it unless it's a small something like I'm walking down the stairs. That counts as being in motion, but I don't want to give myself too many categories to keep track of so that will have to do.

Today promises to be interesting. We're going over to some friends' house for the Thanksgiving celebration. I'll have to explain the experiment to my hosts and the other guest and hope they don't think I'm rude when I get up in the middle of dinner to go dance for a minute.

I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, here is the Motion chart for 11/27/13.

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