Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day and every day, we thrive.

I wish a happy Mother's Day to all of you who guide, protect, and love others. Some of you are biologically moms. Some adopt (humans and others). Some work with kids and help them thrive. Some have that nurturing energy and give it to those in need.

I send you my wishes that you are loved and appreciated this day and every day.

I read somewhere recently that a mother's love gives her child the ultimate sense of belonging and that children who don't have that vital love feel its lack for all the days of their lives.

I respectfully disagree. I think we can overcome even that giant obstacle. As long as we remind ourselves that we have the right to exist, that we deserve to be here, to be alive and to thrive, we can find that sense of belonging within ourselves.

I send this wish out to those of you who didn't have loving mothering. May you always remember that simply by the fact that you are here, you deserve to be here, you are loved, and you belong.

We are enough. We have enough. We do enough.

So may it be.

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