Friday, February 26, 2016

Building my sand castles (or the devil is in the grains of sand)

I feel like I've joined the rest of you in the 21st century. I'm signing up for paperless billing (I can handle getting everything via email and still pay all my bills and do all my accounting, right? Right? I'm not so brain-fried that I can't manage that, I hope.)

It's always interesting to me setting up this sort of infrastructure. There is all this organizational and logistical effort up front with the hope that your work will be pay off in time (and tree) savings in the future.

I call this time of front-matter organizational set-up, gathering my sand. Bear with me. I look at most big projects as building a sand castle. Before I can build the sand castle, I need to gather the sand. And while I'm doing so, a lot of the sand trickles back down away from my building site. There are all these grains of sand (read details) that must be gathered and addressed and formed into some sort of usable mass before you start building. Then, once you finally have the sand gathered all in one place and moistened down so you can work with it, you can start on construction of your dream castle.

In many ways, my life is like that in this moment. I've been gathering a bunch of sand. Putting all the bits and pieces on the field. I'm almost ready to start building this next phase. 
There will be much more to come on this thought process in the next few weeks and months as I fabricate my new reality.

I'm excited!

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