Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Tarot: Purposeful Balance

2/21/12: High Priestess, King of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles. It's gorgeous here today. And what I really want to do is go outside and play, but I have to do is prep for work. So, I have to decide how I will manage to get both in. And that's what these cards are all about: balance. The choice of how hard, how much, and how well we work always depends on us. We decide. It's that simple. So, if what you really need today is time away from everything, promise yourself (and carry through, of course) that you will make up what you put off and then go play. Or, if you need to work, promise yourself play, at some point. The best course of action? Do some of both. Promise yourself diligent work for the next two hours. Really kick some ass. And then go for an extended lunch. Walk around, go into an art supply store and draw/doodle on the sample paper for the fine art pencils. If it's warm enough where you are, eat lunch outside. Or, go for an evening stroll after a long day. Be fully dedicated to each and give each as much concentrated time as you can and you will achieve balance.

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