Friday, March 30, 2012

Abundance and joy - what could be better?

Today's cards: The Empress, The World, The Ace of Cups. I am impressed. These cards rock. On toast. With jam. But first, a word of caution, unless you are actively seeking to get pregnant/have a baby, use lots of protection. Those of you who are actively seeking to get pregnant/have a baby, get to it. Today will be a good day for that. A really good day.

Really, I'm psyched about these cards. They say to me that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Seriously. It promises abundance, bounty, things coming around full circle and a brand new cycle of joy and fulfillment.

Find the happy today. Spread the love. Share the wealth. If you put out kindness, kindness and abundance will come back to you multiplied and all the sweeter.

If you aren't in a place to feel kind towards others, today is the perfect day to be kind to yourself. Eat juicy fruit and drink lots of water. Take some time to plan your dream vacation (even if you aren't going anytime soon). Get ye to google images and find pics of your favorite spot. (Here's one of mine: And if you can, promise yourself to put your spare change or dollars into a jar toward that dream vacation. Make it concrete and you are one step closer to getting there. Even small amounts of money will eventually accumulate into something you can work with.

Enjoy the bounty in your life today and open your heart to new paths and new possibilities. They really are out there even if you haven't been seeing them.

And above everything else, look for the joy and bounty in your life. Mark it, acknowledge it and you'll see how it adds up to make you feel fruitful, joyful, and happy.

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