Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be excellent to ... yourself!

Today's Cards: Queen of Cups, Seven of Rods, Eight of Cups. These speak to me of patience, of no regrets and of winning battles. What a fascinating combination. The Queen always speaks to me of creativity, compassion, and kindness. Since she is the the Queen, she also indicates that we should be showing that kindness and compassion toward ourselves. It's often easier to extend ourselves to others, to help them, to be there for them, but we often find it much harder to extend that same sense of patience and  compassion to ourselves.

So, today, I ask you, what is it that would make you feel cared for? What would it take for you to feel pampered and treasured? A bubble bath? Eating healthy food? Playing with markers and crayons and drawing your wildest and most fantastical imaginings? What do you need? See, here's the thing. Generally speaking, we do a lot of the must do's and need to get done's but we dont' spend time on the want to do's or wish to get done's. So, take a minute. Decide for yourself what you need and then go spend a little time on that.

I encourage you to do this because the Seven of Rods says you'll win the battles you need to fight. You've got this. So, don't worry. The Eight of cups says, you can feel free to walk your path without regret. You are on the right track even if you sometimes feel like you are walking an alien landscape. That landscape may look alien now, but it won't for long. All will be revealed if you keep following your deepest sense of self. Your desires, provided they are in your highest good, are on their way to being fulfilled. Treat yourself well, and it will happen.

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