Sunday, April 1, 2012

Work and play in equal measure.

Today's cards: Strength, The Fool, Ace of Rods. Wow, these cards are perfect for me today. I've spent the last few days sick as anything, barely moving, and feeling like death warmed over and then left out on a table to be feasted on by ants. This morning, I have finally have energy and a bit of strength. This morning feels like things are brand new, like there are all sorts of possibilities out there just waiting to be grabbed with both hands. And I'm gonna! It's so appropriate to have drawn these three cards today because that's really what they mean as a triad.

The Fool talks about taking a leap of faith, starting on a new path, jumping off the cliff into the uncertainty while have the belief that things will be well. No, perhaps not well. Perhaps they will be even better than just good. Perhaps they will be stupendous, fantastic, and wonder-licious. And even if they aren't, if we stay present to whatever happens, like the Fool does in his innocence, why then, it will all still be good because we will still be in that moment of living our lives, moving toward our purpose, and staying flexible to whatever life brings us.

I know, I know, it sounds like a bunch of hooey, but stay with me, here. What if we just try to take everything in as it comes towards us? What if, instead of stressing about the might-be's and ought-to-do's, we just relax and go with the flow? A friend of mine says that cats can be our greatest teachers for of that lesson. She says that cats know the Way and they are always in it. Take a look at the image of the two sleeping kitties What if we were all able to relax and just be like they are? What if we all had the strength to know that we would handle things as they came instead of needing to worry about them (excessively) and plan for every eventuality? See, because that's what the Strength card brings us today. It brings us the knowledge that within ourselves, we have strength. We are strong enough to be pliable when we need to be and that our strength can come from within. Our strength will always be a force to be reckoned with as long as we stay in that peaceful place. Like a river that gently wears away rock, our flowing motions will eventually bring about revolutionary change.

The Ace of Rods is a call to action here. The action, of course, is up to us. For me personally, today will be a hit of the reset button. Many of my personal projects came to a close last week. And then, I promptly caught a severe stomach bug. But today, I feel rejuvenated. I feel refreshed. I am not 100% but that Ace helps me take courage and reminds me that I will be fine. I will find the energy and vitality to do my work and play on this planet. The other cards remind me to take the leap of faith of that and to remember to be strong in my own flexibility and confident in my abilities and spirit to get the job(s) done.

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