Friday, March 23, 2012

It's never as bad as it seems inside your head

Today's cards are: Nine of Swords, Two of Rods, and the Sun! Yep, I put an exclamation point at the end of the Sun(!) because it's just that kind of card and something needs to be done about that Nine of Swords.  That Nine of Swords squats inside your head and heart like a miasma. The worry you have doesn't help anything. It doesn't allow you to deal with the dramas and stresses of your life any better. In fact, it takes your focus away from being able to do what you need to do because you're too busy worrying about what you need to do to actually do it well. Here's a paraphrase of a quote that many have said better than I can. It is: "Worry doesn't solve tomorrow's problems; it saps today's joy." Truer words were never written (except perhaps 2+2=4). Really, that fear, that worry, that anxiety, they aren't at all helpful to you in getting anything accomplished. They just take energy away from you so you have less to devote to the very things you are worried about.

And here's the thing: the other two cards in today's draw? They are fabulous! The Two of Rods tells us that the world is ours. We can be bold. We can be original. We can grab life in our hands and fly. And the Sun gives us all the energy and childlike joy to do it.

So, whatever it is that has you worried, today, see if you can release it out into the universe. Stand outside and if it's at all breezy out there, let your anxiety blow away on the wind. Seriously, go outside. Take a break. Stand under the sun. Close your eyes. Take a minute away from all the other stuff going on around you. Whatever hectic pace everyone else has right now, doesn't have to impact you. Stand still and breathe deeply. Listen to the sounds around you. Let them flow over you. Notice and appreciate your feet on the ground. Feel the sun on your face. Come to a place of stillness, and the cares will dissipate.

Oh, you'll still have stuff to do. You'll still need to make plans and carry them out, but worry, that energy vampire, won't make you feel like you're crawling through molasses as you get it all done.

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