Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take a chance on...

Today's Cards: Ten of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Eight of Rods. Spend time with loved ones today. And if you find yourself on your own, reach out to new people. Extend yourself. I know, I know. It's easy to say and much harder to do. But hey, if life isn't about taking chances from one second to the next, then what is it about? Seriously, let's take a look at this. Each day, each second, we take a chance on the next step, the next breath, the next thought. We choose door a or door b every instant. Should I get up? Should I say hello? Should I pursue my dreams? Should I have coffee or hot chocolate? Each of those decisions necessitates taking a chance of some kind.

Some are easy and simple. Of *course* I'll have hot chocolate instead of coffee. Of course, I'll get up and go for a ramble through the woods with the dog. Of course, I'll pet my cat when she climbs onto my lap and settles in for a nap. But, with people, the choices are sometimes tougher, particularly if we are introverts. For extroverts, it tends to be easier. They tend to get energy from spending time interacting with others. But for introverts, who need a healthy amount of time on their own, it can be downright challenging to extend themselves like that.

But sometimes, that reach for connection is vital to our sense of balance. Sometimes, that pursuit of friendships, relationships, etc. is necessary for us to continue to build, to grow, to thrive. Today is one of those days.

The Ten of Pentacles is about family/friends/connections. The Six of Pentacles is about balance in our home life, work life, financial life, and social life. The eight of Rods: well, that's the taking a chance part. So, go out there and find that balance. Take a gamble and play the cards you've been dealt. And, if there is a rift you need to mend, or a family member you need connect with (even if it's hard), take a chance and do it. If it works, you will have made the connection or mended the fence. If it doesn't you will know that you tried and that can make all the difference inside that secret heart of yours.

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