Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's time to clean house!

Today's cards: Nine of Rods, Eight of Cups, Two of Swords.

Even though I am about to go hike a few miles with the dog, really today is about what I need to do on the inside. It's time to Go Within. Oh and it's not just about your internal monologue and kicking its butt to  release some negative self-talk patterns, although that's certainly in here. It is also about making your space conducive to new stuff coming in. Sometimes, we stagnate. We stagnate in our jobs, in our relationships, in our minds, and in our homes.

Looking at it like a feng shui practitioner might, we have stagnant or blocked Chi in our spaces. So, instead of energy being able to flow into and out of our lives, it gets stuck somewhere along the road. So, we want a healthy, constant flow of that energy moving through our lives. The trick here, though, is that we don't want it to come in or leave too quickly. We want a building of energy, a vitality to be generated and present as we move through the bulk of our days. We also want an ebb when it is time to relax and wind down toward nighttime.

We don't want it to blow through us like a tornado, because then, it will just leave destruction in its path. Do you feel like that happens to you sometimes? Does it feel like you're always exhausted and you're constantly running from one crisis to the next? Are there too many stimuli coming at you at all times? Again, looking at it from a feng shui practitioner's perspective, you might need to slow the energy in your space down a bit. You might strategically place a couple of stones in your space. Get a small quartz crystal or even just a rock you find that you like and put it somewhere near the middle of your living space. Rocks have been known as calming influences for a long time. Where do you think worry stones came from?

So, let's learn from people far wiser than us. Let's put a few things in our homes/work spaces that let us find the eye within the storm.

And, last but certainly not least, make your space your own and make it clean. Recycle, give away, or toss that which you no longer need. Let your space be for what is now, and not what was, and also not what might be. Today is where we are and that's what we need to deal with.

Remember, worry doesn't fix tomorrow's troubles; it just saps today of its joy. You'll get there with or without worrying about whatever it is that has you in knots. Make your space your own. Make it clean, and you will have clarity and calm.

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