Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around..."

Today's tarot confuses me a bit while at the same time, I feel like since it's spring and spring fever is just around the corner, it all makes a certain amount of sense. The cards: Eight of Cups, Two of Cups, Hierophant. Now, the eight and two make sense. The Two is about love, soul to soul union, connection, and true romance (in the long lasting sense). The Eight is about choosing your path without regret. Even though it might not feel like it, you have options about where you will point your feelings. We all do.

In the throes of it all, we might feel like we are prisoner to our hearts, like our passions drive us willy nilly to some or other destiny. To some extent, that is all true. But, and this is a big but, we can indeed release ourselves from that particular form of bondage. We've all done it. We can let go of love that isn't good for us - that doesn't serve our higher purpose. And the Eight, well it tells us to do just that if that's what needs to happen. However, if we've found the love we want, even if it's frightening, why then the Eight says, Go For It! If we open our hearts to love, we can partake of all sorts of bounty. Here's the thing, though. It has to serve our higher purpose. If it's the butterflies in your stomach love that makes you feel all sweaty and scared and not in a good way, why then it's not in your higher purpose.

And here's where the Hierophant comes in. This card is about education/learning. If you are unsure of your love, ask questions, even the uncomfortable ones. Ask them of yourself as well as the beloved. Find out what's really going on. Once you know, then you can move forward not regretting a thing.

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