Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Marriage of being a visionary and a doer

The Star, The Moon (reversed) and the Three of Pentacles. Today, it's pretty simple. There's a time to be inspired and there's a time to put our noses to the grindstone and just do the work to make things happen.

Some people are idea people, visionaries. They see far and clearly. Their ideas are innovative, unique, and revolutionary. But, even with all those fantastic ideas, those very same people often can't put one foot in front of the other to actually make the things they so clearly see in their minds. Others are the nuts and bolts people who can take those ideas and turn them into reality. They know how to develop plans of action, they know how to take those steps to do the work to create and/or support the manifestation of the vision.

The key to success, I believe, is to have both inside us. We can't just have the brilliant ideas without the wherewithal to actually manifest what we envisioned. So we need to cultivate both sets of characteristics. The Star, the Moon, and the Three of Pentacles epitomize this state for me. The Moon is visions, ideas, inspiration, possibility. The Three of Pentacles is the nose-to-the-grindstone, buckle down and do the work card. And the Star is the synthesis of those two. It calls us to keep reach for the stars (dream, envision, inspire) while we keep our feet on the ground (plan, strategize, do).

That meeting of Earth and sky, that distant horizon, if you will, is where we need to go to achieve whatever level of success we decide upon. Ultimately, one cannot exist without the other. It takes partnering those two different parts of ourselves and strengthening the one that is more challenged.

So, which are you more like, the dreamer or the doer? Decide and then spend today cultivating the strengths of the other side. Are you a dreamer? Practice taking a step to plan and do. Make a list of what you wish to accomplish today and check each thing off. (Make it small and manageable or your dreamer side will rebel.) Try not to take on too much or you will get discouraged and might quit in frustration. Each small accomplishment will make room inside you to work on the bigger challenges. Are you a doer? Spend part of today finger painting, smelling roses, or just doodling and see where it gets you. I guarantee, it will get you somewhere wonderful.

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