Friday, March 9, 2012

Today's Tarot 3/9/12

The Hermit and the Ten of Cups. Interesting combination. The Hermit represents solitude, not loneliness. The Hermit has chosen a more contemplative way of life and so today is about contemplation, meditation, and thoughtfulness. The Ten of Cups tells us to look to what makes us happy in our home life. That might mean making a dinner that knocks your socks off. It might mean getting the kids to hang with you tonight while you break out the Spirograph (or let's face it, the Spirograph App, which if there isn't one, there ought to be). Or it could mean, making your space more conducive to relaxation, meditation, and contemplation. What would it take? A single candle burning while you sit comfortably? Fresh flowers? A long walk under the (almost) full moon? A healthy lunch of which you savor every morsel? Take care of yourself today. Slow down. We have so many "ought to do's" in our lives that the "want to do's" get shortchanged. Do something about that. Find the pleasure in even the most mundane tasks and you too will be like the calm, peaceful Hermit who lives up on the mountain. The joy of all the world will be yours.

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