Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today's Tarot 3/8/12

Ace of Cups, Four of Rods. I almost wish this combo happened tomorrow (my anniversary) but here it is today and it is good. The Ace is new beginnings, particularly creatively and emotionally (new love, new art, new something that feels good). The Four of Rods is moving to the next step or at least opening to new possibilities. Whatever thoughts you've been having, you will come up with new ways of looking at them, new exciting, creative ways. Let it all wash over you today and you will find a brand new path laid out before you, if you look less with your eyes and more with your heart. So, go, do your best Daniel-San impersonation, close your eyes and leap. Remember, this is more about seeing differently than anything else. If you are faced with adversity, step back, and find the lesson and new information in the situation. You will be very excited to note that there are grand possibilities when you do that.

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