Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Fever? You bet your bippie

Today's cards: The Fool, the Ace of Rods, The Lovers. Yeow. Talk about romance/love/partnership/spring fever! We're very close to the spring equinox where the wheel turns perceptibly. Here in the Northern Hemisphere our days will be longer than the nights. In the Southern Hemisphere, of course, the exact opposite will happen.

In the North, though, we're talking spring, blooming flowers and that fabulous of all activities, great, whomping, passionate sex. Now, I'm not just talking about the humans. Sure, we all/most get spring fever. Our hormones tend to go into overdrive this time of year. Colors are brighter, women's legs are longer and prettier, Men's shoulders broader and fuller. Yadda yadda yadda. All of that is true, but there is also a quickening for the plant and animal kingdoms. Plants start doing their pollination/sex thing (with bees, of course playing a huge role). Animals also starting chasing each other around trees and courting (Watch some squirrels in the next few weeks; you'll see what I mean).

Of course, it's not just trees. Pretty much anywhere you look, you'll see passionate couplings. These cards epitomize those couplings, that passion, that drive to create/recreate/procreate. The Fool brings us a new beginning, a chance to leap off the ledge of safety and into the unknown, to take a chance on something that might otherwise scare, but is after all the best course of action. The Ace of Rods is one big flowering rod and it drives us to new passions, new pursuits (both sexual and non-sexual). It is the seed that breaks out of its shell, strains for the sun, and accomplishes that miracle of miracles, life and growth.

The Lovers represents partnerships of all sorts. While they don't need to be strictly speaking sexual, they do need to be unions of one sort or another. So, today, look for those beings that make you feel part of a unit or a team. Spend time with them. Plan your goals, build your dreams for the next few months while the energy runs high and hot. This, now, today is the day to start it. We're almost in spring (here in the North). Feel that quickening of the blood. Feel the urge to do, to be a part of swirling mass of energy, bodies, people, feelings, and sensations. And then, go out and make magic!

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