Friday, March 16, 2012

Be excellent to each other (and more importantly, yourselves)

Today's cards fascinate me. Three of Swords, Strength, and Seven of Pentacles. Basically, they say if you want to keep your strength, your wits, and your sanity, take it easy today. If someone tries to get your goat (or even if they do it by accident) stay calm. Breathe through it. Losing your sh*t today will only bring you bad returns on your investment of time and energy. You have bigger things to focus on. Do that. Instead of worrying about that which you can't fix, work on that which you can fix. To quote another anonymous source, "Worry will not strip tomorrow of its burdens, it will strip today of its joy." So, buck up and let it go. 

The Strength card talks to us about our internal strength and our knowledge of what we can and can't handle. If it's not your burden to carry, save your strength and leave it to the person responsible. Do what you need to do and let everyone else worry about their challenges.

And last but not least, rest. The Seven of Pentacles is really about that exhaustion that happens after you've worked your butt off. You deserve the time off so take it. Tonight, do something fun or do something quiet but do something that you. want. to do. It can't always be about meeting obligations. It has to sometimes be about your needs, your wants, your desires. So throw caution to the winds and let yourself drink deeply of whatever makes you happy. As long as you move from a place of kindness to yourself and to others, you are good to go.

Oh and if someone tries to break your heart, don't let them. Remember, you are in charge of your emotions. You are in charge of your relationship destiny and if someone else hurts/really hurts (and then isn't sorry about it) you, then they aren't worth your time.

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  1. :) (or sometimes getting your goat is good...) Once upon a time a dog got my goat. The goat lived, got rehomed, I kept the dog... More found me... now I have a team...