Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Tarot: Ace of Swords. (Beginnings, Truth, New Mindfulness)

Today's Tarot: Ace of Swords.

(Beginnings, Truth, New Mindfulness).

Oh man, I'm glad I pulled this card today. In my personal life, I've just had a couple of epiphanies that have led me to make sweeping changes in my life. They have been mostly internal but the external manifestations will come. This card epitomizes beginnings and so that's where I am, at my own beginning.

When I think of the Ace of Swords, I think of new truths. They can be challenging or downright frightening to face, but that moment when we stop fearing them and start seeing them revolutionizes our lives. That's what the card represents to me today. It is the paradigm shift to end all paradigm shifts. It's not the active Ace of Rods wherein you put the plan into motion. It is more the changing, opening, awakening of a new mindset that allows for the possibility of action, that makes room in the universe for the changes that will soon be made manifest. It is the mindset of, "If you can envision it, then eventually, you can create it."

It is the Platonic ideal of the breath of fresh air. The first clean, clear breath a pneumonia patient takes is a lifeline (if you have ever had pneumonia, you know exactly what I mean) and that is the Ace of Swords.

Treat today like the exciting opportunity it is. Allow yourself to awaken to seeing the possibilities for yourself and soon, you will see those very same possibilities at work in your life.

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