Monday, January 14, 2013

Today's Tarot: Queen of Pentacles (nurturing, abundance, peace-of-heart)

Today's Tarot: Queen of Pentacles.

Nurturing, abundance, peace-of-heart.

One of my favorite cards, the Queen of Pentacles calls on us to do that which can be so hard. She calls on us to stop rushing, stop stressing, and trust that things are exactly where they are supposed to be.

There is a quote, the source of which I don't know, but it goes like this: "Everything that happens, happens exactly as it should because that's the way it happens." And the longer I live, the more I think that is truth of the highest order. We can't know the extent of the pattern while we are in that pattern. It is often only later, when we have time or distance behind us that we see the whys and wherefores.

So, today, no matter where you are, choose to trust that things are where they are supposed to be. Choose to relax into the process of your life, instead of focusing on the destination. And last of all, choose to accept the peace that comes with knowing that time and distance aren't the only ways to get perspective. True, mindful acceptance of what is, is another.

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