Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today's Tarot: Justice (fairness, balance, ethics)

Today's Tarot: Justice.

Fairness, balance, ethics.

Yegads, sometimes it can be downright challenging to do the right thing or at least stay aware of what the right thing is to you. This reminds me of a short story. I was in an ethics training and I heard the following two sentences once right after the other. "You are smart, you know what's right, so do the right thing. And remember, he who has the gold, makes the rules." That was the leader of the workshop. He obviously had not maintained any awareness of what was coming out of his mouth, much less about the ethics and right and wrong of his words. And that's what we face today.

So, here's your mission. Today: Be fair - to yourself, to those around you, to complete strangers. Balance your life between work and play, between rest and motion, between give and take. 

If you are faced with decisions, step back and seek balance. Breathe, find that stable place inside you and then choose mindfully. And above all, don't speed through life today, either metaphorically or in your car. Take it easy and all will be well.

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