Monday, January 7, 2013

Today's Tarot: Two of Rods (bold, confident, innovative)

Today's Tarot: Two of Rods. (I always love this card!)

Bold, innovative, confident.

To a vegetarian, the phrase, the world is your oyster might mean something different than to someone who eats meat. Having said that, I take it to mean pleasure, joy, success - are yours for the taking. And you can find hidden depths, secret pleasures, and big answers in unlikely spots like you might find a gorgeous pearl in the most innocuous-looking oyster.

So, the mission today: Look for the hidden sources of happiness. Seek the unusual, the original, the secret entrance to the cave of joy. It might take remembering that you are a powerful being. It might take coming up with your unique solution to a thorny problem. It might take reconnecting with your dreams from when you were a child. It might take girding yourself for battle against your inner critic or internal demons, but you can do it. Tell your inner naysayers that you rock and you have the world on a string. And then, act like it.

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