Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's Tarot: The Lovers (partnership, union, love)

Today's Tarot: The Lovers.

Partnership, union, LOVE!

I love this card and yet... it can be tough to decipher. Sure, it means romance, love, passion, lust and all that other good stuff. And, and this is a big and, it also means partnership and connection. The soul-to-soul union that not only feels right but is right. You know it down to your marrow when the Lovers is at play in your life. You are where you are supposed to be and sharing it with the right person or people.

It absolutely doesn't have to mean your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, or spouse. It can be anyone who is there for the ride with you.

It can also mean, allowing yourself to sit still for a minute and appreciate those who are on the journey with you, even if they aren't the loves of your life. They don't have to be the loves of your life. They only have to be there to share in the experience. Seek that connection and nurture and you absolutely can't go wrong.

A dear friend and I were talking about why she ended up with her husband. She is what anyone would term a complete and utter babe (and is also beautiful on the inside as well as being kind, vivacious, and extremely intelligent). She could have had her pick of mates. When asked why she ended up with the man she married, she replied. "In the end, I think it's because he just kept being my friend. He persisted and persevered."

So, that's what the Lovers means to me today. The best Lovers are the friends who persist and persevere. 

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