Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's Tarot: King of Rods (Bold, active, creating)

Today's Tarot: King of Rods (Bold, active, creating)

The King of Rods doesn't suffer lazybones gladly. In fact, he strides by those who would sit and do nothing as he creates and achieves. In his mind, there are great deeds to accomplish, great things to invent, and great times to be had. He is active dynamism personified. He calls us to rise up, to take action, to do, to move, to run, to fly.

So, what are we waiting for he asks. Do we need an engraved invitation? If so, here it is. Get up, rise up. Do. Something. Today. Right now! If you want it, you have to strive for it. You must begin in order to achieve. That first step might be a kicker but we must take it.

The card is getting to me. I feel its fire sizzling in my blood and frankly, I'm excited to get to it. Earlier this morning, the sky was drab and gray. Then, the fiery sun peeked through the dingy clouds and flung its rays across the heavens, and now it's bathing me in its glorious light. If that isn't a call to get out there and get moving, I don't know what is. We are our best advocates. We are our best warriors. We are our best leaders, movers, shakers, and doers. So, we can be the ones who take inspiration and give it wings.

This write-up reminds me of the lyrics to one of my own songs. The song is called, "Dare to Start." Here is the chorus and it says it all.

I hope you sing and dance and run the race
I hope you take the chance and play the game
No way to finish ‘til you dare to start
So give it all you've got and risk your heart

So, go. Run. Dream. Fly!

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