Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today's Tarot: Knight of Cups (emotional, imaginative, aware)

Romantic, moody, emotional, compassionate, creative, imaginative, feeling - these all describe the Knight of Cups. Today is a day to really get into how we feel and what it means to be us in our shoes, at this time and in this place. Sometimes, it's easy to know how we feel. When my cat climbs into my lap and drops down for a nap, I am always going to get all squishy and happy, no matter what else has been going on. When someone cuts me off in traffic and then has the nerve to give me the finger afterward, I am always going to get ticked off. Sometimes, on the other hand, it is tough to put our finger on exactly what it is our heart is telling us.

That's when the Knight of Cups really makes his presence felt. He's the one who gives us that information. He gives us permission, if you will, to let go of the run, run, run, and do, do, do, and think, think, think. Instead, he brings in, feel, feel feel, particularly as it pertains to the instant our emotions change. Sometimes, how we feel changes. We've gone from fine to sad or from okay to happy, and we haven't become cognizant of it yet. We are still in reaction mode and haven't moved toward feeling mode. The Knight of Cups holds that instant in his chalice. It is the changing nature of our emotional state that holds sacred. And he invites us to hold it sacred as well. We don't often honor how we feel and we honor the changes in our emotional state even less.

So, today, I invite you to change that paradigm. Honor your feelings and then go a step further. Try to stay aware of when your feelings shift. That quicksilver, fleeting transformation, when and why it happens is chock full of information for us. If we stay aware of how we feel moment to moment, we make better, clearer, cleaner decisions.

Because, honestly, how we feel will change in an instant and often we have to play catch-up just to get some sense of equilibrium. If we stay aware of these things as they happen, we stay one step ahead of the game.

Today, that extra step of being prepared will be very helpful because your mood and the moods of those around you will shift. Big time. Be careful with your heart. Treat it gently and tenderly, and miracles will happen.

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