Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discover a new author, Day 4: Nihar Suthar

Entrepreneur. International Author.
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Why stop there though? Nihar later went on to found Hype Up Your Day, a U.S. based company that is now the source of motivation and joy to over 100,000 people around the world. Hype Up Your Day’s main services include assisting businesses with human resources development, namely, designing packages to increase employee morale and productivity. Other services include providing keynote speakers for various events around the nation.
Nihar Suthar grew up in the tiny town of Lewistown, Pennsylvania (don’t worry if you have no idea where it is). He then moved on to spend a year in literally the hub of the United States, New York City (be a little worried if you don’t know where that is). While in the Big Apple, Nihar noticed that there were tons of people missing out on the greatness of everyday life due to the very fast paced lifestyles that they lived.
Consequently, he had a big idea to inspire people around the world by writing a book (which was odd, because he hated reading books– so why would he ever write one?). With the support of his family and friends though, he ended up debuting his first international book, “Win No Matter What,” with Balboa Press in June 2013.
Nihar today is currently repping the Big Red at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He hopes to take his love for entrepreneurship and writing even further in the future. Want to chat or get to know more about Nihar? Use the box below to send him a message. He usually doesn’t bite!

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