Friday, June 20, 2014

Forming new habits or letting go of old ones.

I'm thinking right now about breaking habitual patterns. It's too easy for me to get into the habit of *not* writing. So, I've spent part of today figuring out how to get into the habit *of* writing. 

For me, the vast majority of it is a mental state. If I think of myself as a person who writes, who dedicates a part of every single day to the craft and art of writing, then I do it. If I let that slip for even a little, soon, days and even weeks will pass without me having written a thing.

And then, the rest of it is the physical state of getting my butt in a seat and my fingers on the keys. If I can get the mental part down, the physical comes without too much trouble. So, that's the goal. I need to get to the place where my state of mind always reflects that I am a writer. I am a person who writes.

I have three books to finish: FGD2, Symphony in Ex, and the Arbiter (and that's not counting the four other ones I've had on the back burner for the last three years).

I have also decided not to try to write Seoul Song up by its deadline. Instead, I will focus on FGD2. It's the more pressing of the two. 

But still, the important of all of this is that I need to think of myself as a person who sits down and does the work. When I gave up sugar, I became a person who no longer eats sugar. When I gave up commercial soda, I became a person who no longer drinks commercial soda. Once the paradigm shifted, I had no problem with it. But enacting the habit of writing is harder for some reason. 

Perhaps, it is harder to get into because I am trying to form a habit of doing something rather than giving something up. It is a positive net gain in my life and it is a time commitment. It takes no more time to not drink a diet coke than it does to drink one. The same goes for sugar. 

Perhaps all of this trouble is a time management issue. If I can manage my time properly, I will be able to accomplish the other necessary shifts. 

I will look into my time management practices and I will focus on allocating time to writing. As I learn more about this process, I will keep you all updated.

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