Saturday, May 31, 2014

Farewell Caffeine I have loved you well...

Dear Caffeine. Has it come to this? Have we finally reached the stage in our relationship where we must part? No! No, I say. I cry. I scream it to the heavens. I can not part from my lifelong love, my succor, the wind beneath my wings. But alas, it looks like dire circumstances have brought us to this place. My destiny lies along a different path than yours. It is one that no longer includes daily stomach cramps from having drunk you first thing.

Alack, alack, alack. I've done all the experimenting I can do (no more commercial soda for months now. I've drunk coffee hot, coffee cold, tea hot, tea cold, tea tepid, each one quickly, each one slowly, with food, without food etc etc etc), and the results are startling and unequivocal. If I drink caffeine, I will suffer the slings and arrows of belly cramps. If I don't (as in, I drink herbal stuff, hot, cold, tepid, etc.), I am fine. I have no cramps. I feel no pain, and I go about my day. The big question now is, how do I get my morning oomph? I will need to do more Chi Kung to build Chi and incorporate a bunch more warming yoga asana into my daily practice.

My mission is clear. Farewell, Caffeine. You served me well for decades, but now we part as friends. Your loyalty will be rewarded in song and story. I will hold you in my heart (just not in my mouth) forever.

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