Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Choose to relax!

Today's cards: Seven of Pentacles, High Priestess, Page of Cups. Today is for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Heh, on a Tuesday. Yeah, right. But, why not? Even if you are on extreme deadline, what's the harm in taking ten seconds to stop, quiet your mind, and just breathe? Here in Richmond, where I am at the moment, the sun is shining, the birds are singing (literally) and I am seated comfortably on a fluffy couch as I type. Although I face a grueling drive up 95 in a few minutes, I'm taking the time to smell the figurative roses. And why not? I've been working hard. Heck, everyone I know has been working hard. Most people I know are constantly on the move, consistently working until they drop, and getting too little sleep. So, just what's wrong with claiming a little joy and calm in the middle of the maelstrom? I say, nothing. For those who know me in person, that's a serious departure from my normal Type A "go go go!" But, I'm taking a page out of a different book. I'm trying very hard to choose to relax and just be even if it's for just a few seconds out of a harried and hectic day.

See, the High Priestess is all about choices. Choices and intuition. Our bodies are smart. They tell us what we need, and most of us need way more rest and relaxation than we give them. So, a conscious choice of even a few minutes of quiet and peace in an otherwise crazy day can give us a lot of that peace of mind that we all need to be our best. Now, I know some of us thrive on the crazy. We need that jolt to be at our peak. But, as someone who has operated in that paradigm for decades, I'm here to tell you that it has its price. That price can be your health, vitality, or just your energy level. Everyone needs recuperation time. Some work themselves like crazy and then take two weeks of solid play. Some need it more often. I'm just saying that a wee little bit of time spent breathing and "chillin'" (as my nephew would say) can go a long way to recouping some of that energy and vitality that the Seven of Pents says we all need today.

The way to reengaging with our internal, joyful, childlike selves (ye old Page of Cups in today's card draw) is to slow down and take those few deep breaths, feel the sun on our faces (or the raindrops, depending on where you are) and give thanks for that moment of peace.

Oh and if someone asks you out on a date today, go! That Page is all about new romance. And after all, it's spring!

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