Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stay safe, but not too safe.

Today's cards: Nine of Swords, Page of Rods, Eight of Cups. Oy. Be careful out there, today. The Nine of Swords promises lots of time to wring your hands (though you don't have to). The Page of Rods says you might need to do some fast talking to get you what you want today (though you ought to do just fine. Just speak from your passions and all will be well). But, the Eight of Cups reminds us everything is funneling into exactly where we need to be. Now. Here. Today.

One of my favorite quotes is: "Everything that happens, happens exactly as it should because that's the way it happens." I wish I knew how to cite it but I just don't remember where I read it. Regardless, it's really true today. Even if crappy stuff goes down, remember, it's all leading you somewhere. Whether you have lessons to learn, or conversations to have, or arduous things to do, it's all going where you need to go. Eventually. Stay safe, but not too safe.

With love.

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