Monday, February 11, 2013

Today's Tarot: Eight of Rods (decisive action, resources, benefactors)

During my time studying and reading tarot, this card has had the singular status of confusing me to no end. Like the wand suit of which it is a part, it is changeable, dynamic, and always in some sort of motion.

Sometimes, when I look at it, I see a battle being waged and decisively won. Sometimes, I see help that arrives just in time, especially when that help was unforeseen and unexpected. Sometimes, it says that there are resources about which the client/querent/question asker does not yet know and they will come into play sooner rather than later. In those situations, the card says, "have a little patience and you will soon see the lay of the land, who can help you, who is working with you, who is working against you, and what you need to do to carry the day."

So, when I drew it for this daily draw, it once again made me scratch my head. It's quicksilver is what it is. It draws me in and gives me a false sense of security that I will know what it is trying to tell me and just like that, it switches up and becomes something else altogether.

Thus, today, I say to all of you, you will have to be the judge. Which one of the above is relevant to your life? Is that you need go into the breach and kick ass and take names? Is it that you might feel helpless about something and instead of freaking out, you are encouraged to chill for just a little while and you will get an offer of help, advice or other aid, that will make things go much more smoothly? Or is that you don't have all the information yet and you are asked to sit still, relax and soon the light will shine on the right piece of the puzzle, clarify things, and set you on your path?

Whichever one feels right to you ... do that.

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